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At Simplee Grow, the goal is to empower every possible individual to become a part of a growing community. In respect to providing solutions for Green Economy, we are aiming to develop skilled professionals in this sector through training and practical demos. Training, workshops and educational measures for effective use of Hydroponic farming.  This is an environmentally friendly method of agriculture and conservation of water resources. This will helpful for decentralized young farmer coming from rural and semi-urban areas.

The purposes are the advanced way of farming/growing food and research, the encouragement of education in the fields of environmental protection. Establishing food systems that are responsible from both a consumption and production perspective requires a standard shift in the way we live and do the things. Cities are the largest importers of food. By increasing their internal food supply, Vertical farming practices can help cities to become more sustainable and self-sufficient. Simplee growing to contribute to the establishment of healthy eating habits by providing a huge range of growing Hydroponic techniques for fresh, nutritious and chemical-free food. Good food, good Shelter.


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