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Process of growing plants without soil. Hydroponics based on the water working with added growth nutrients. In this, we can use sand, coco coir, rock wool, leca to hold the plants and roots are exposed/open up for the intake of growth nutrient liquid-based solutions. Hydroponics is part of Hydroculture – growing plants in a water-based environment.

Requires 90% less water compared to field farming in Hydroponics. Hydroponics can overcome the scarcity of water, environmental challenges, and infertile land. Urbanization is universal and inevitable, hence growing in the field is not enough. To meet the food requirement of increasing population, Hydroponic farming is one of the suitable solutions. With this technique, growing crops all year round possible.

Hydroponics means soil less, hence no soil-borne diseases, no weeds, and no pesticides. We can grow chemical-free, fresh, and healthy food in this technique.

Soil is Eco System and natural source of growing food for every living on earth and not only for human. Means, soil is the source of living for everything and everyone on this planet. However, to meet the food demand of increasing population soil is not the only option. And also, with usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides soil fertility degraded. All soil has all elements but does that all sufficient for growing only crops/foods for human being is no. As we need to grow foods with highest nutritional content and for that need to provide ideal environment. Soil growing is depending upon fertility (proportion of nutrients) and hydroponics based upon crop requirement. With the ideal environment, you can grow any crop anywhere. Ideal environment means, optimal requirement of crop like nutrients, water, air and base.

The Productivity of vegetables in India is less than the world average productivity. This is due to the non-acceptance of modern techniques in an organized way while doing farming. India is the second-largest populated country in the world and highest in density. Hence, growing maximum food in the minimum area is need of an hour. Hydroponics will help us to increase productivity with maximum profitability.

We cannot imagine the world without water as water is the critical resource of Earth. In Hydroponics, we use optimal water for growing and maximum yield in a lesser area. Urbanization is inevitable and growing food with optimal resources is possible only with Hydroponics.

We can say that future is Hydroponics farming. Trending scenarios with globalization and climate change, we need to adopt modern techniques on a large scale for living perspective on Earth. For that, we have to consume good food for a healthy lifestyle. Good food, minimum space, optimal usage of water possible with Hydroponics.

We at Simplee Grow designed the Hydroponic Kit considering future aspects about food growing and learning for the new generation. Simplee Grow Kit will help our clients to learn growing at their available space. Perfectly fit to learn Hydroponics, the happiness of growing food and companion of a healthy lifestyle.

We at Simplee Grow designed the Hydroponic Kit considering future aspects about food growing and learning for the new generation. Simplee Grow Kit will help our clients to learn growing at their available space. Perfectly fit to learn Hydroponics, the happiness of growing food and companion of a healthy lifestyle.

Growing gives the happiness of having a healthy lifestyle. Having plants in your home increases the eternal beauty of your soul. Basics needs of life are food, clothes, and shelter, hence growing your food is a crucial part to have good food and good life.


India is one of the biggest markets and developing countries in the world. Globally India is an emerging economy and lots of opportunities in the Market. Spending power is increasing and looking for a good lifestyle and food. Hotel industry, global market, and urban areas are set up market for Hydroponics. Growing high demanded crops is much easier in Hydroponics farming. Hydroponics is profitable for an organized way of farming and understanding the technical aspects of growing in hydroponics.

Growing vegetables will take one step towards a healthy lifestyle. Green shades of nature at your home add colours in your life. You can grow medicinal herbs which will be part of the companion of a healthy lifestyle. Last but not least; you will save money spending on fresh vegetables in the market.

Yes, of course. Simplee Grow comes with a dream to consume fresh food locally grown. One-stop solution for Hydroponics enthusiast. The workshop, learning Kits, and live assistance while growing will help you to learn Hydroponics very simple. Keep growing with Simplee Grow.

Yes. There are different players available online and offline where you can get Hydroponic nutrients. In addition to this, you can also prepare nutrients on your own. Buy macro and micronutrients from the market and prepare nutrients as per the growing requirement.

Not really. There are many players with a seed’s provider packet. Newer seeds packet having a maximum growth rate compared to the older one. To know more details about preparation for Hydroponic saplings, join us and register yourself for a one-day Hydroponic workshop.

This is the most popular question and trending one in India nowadays. Viability comes with your objective, investment, and market access. Some so many players have started hydroponics farm before analysing market demand. It is very difficult to achieve viability until and unless you don’t have a strong market plan and market access. Of course, this is viable and can give the highest return in terms of commercial.

Acceptance of new techniques in Indian Agriculture is now trending. Hydroponics can change the perception of farming in India. This will give you status in society and the most demanding job creation in India. The biggest loophole of Indian Agriculture is an unorganized way of farming which can be changed with Hydroponics. Maximum profitability with higher quality yields gives you higher returns.

Higher returns, cost-effective approach, lesser space, high yield, water conservation, all-year-round cultivation, growing food in urban areas is possible, environment friendly, etc. Considering all benefits, we should learn Hydroponics and gives new thought to our next generation about farming. This will change the approach towards farming/Agriculture which is the base of India.

Plant grows in an ideal environmental condition. The ideal environmental condition consists of multiple factors that can appear in your crop when you grow. Residue-free means no harmful residue in your crops with the highest nutritional value. Organic refers to non-usage of chemical fertilizers and hydroponic produce cannot consider as organic. However, we can achieve the highest quality products by providing the exact requirement of nutrition to plant in Hydroponics. We grow beyond organic quality products which we can say residue-free.

While setting up a hydroponics farm, there are so many things we need to look at in terms of crop selection, type of set up, market access, and your objective. If we use all standard material for the setup, then hydroponic commercial farm cost is 1400 INR/Sq. meter onwards. There are different set up in hydroponics and crop-wise provision also we need to consider while setting up the farm. Along with this, additional provision for environmental balance and efficiency will add extra cost to it.

Anyone. Hydroponics is just started in India and there is huge potential waiting. Anyone who wants to explore new business opportunities and interested in doing this. Agriculture will be most demanding in the coming years and a lot to do in it. Hydroponic is having many verticals which can be considered as a business opportunity and have great potential in the coming years. Along with this, there are multiple opportunities for students to get as a career option locally and globally as well.